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The first release in the 20th Anniversary Series.

Pitch A Ladder To The Moon was recorded during the sessions for the Space album Love You More Than Football and indeed, the track Supersonic Jetplane was included on that album in a remixed form. It was originally released as a limited edition on Imprint Of Quality.

This remastered version has been taken from the original sources and has never sounded better.


Track Listing:


1. Supersonic Jetplane

2. In And Out Of Love

3. Spin The World Around Again

4. Man About Town

5. Anyway...

6. Promise

7. Dust

8. The Gun-Shy Fool (Who Drew For Love)

9. Bakelite Twilight

10. Is Disneyland Our Homeland

11. Now Her Son

12. Lipstick Blue

13. Tiny Universe

14. She Landed On The Moon

YORKIE : Pitch A Ladder To The Moon

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